Monday, October 26, 2015

Great Terrific Wonderful NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just heard from Jason my son and Milou that they are going to have another baby!
Yes little Skyler will be having a little sibling in 6 months - April 2016!
Wow is this "Oma" ever HAPPY or what??!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "he" is....well we don't exactly know yet.... Boy or Girl....but this Oma is praying for a Boy! 
What a awesome phone call that was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Momma is doing well...and excited to be parents again!  Skyler will be 4 years in May...and the little one will be here in April!!!!

Great & Sweet News!!!!!!

Little Skyler says she wants a little sister!!!\

So we will see what comes month at the next appointment...right Milou and Jas?

Oh so' exciting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  Uncle Paul & Janet's beautiful geraniums are doing well here on the coast! Wow...such a JOY to see this color!

 ...and see the purple flower budding?  Pretty!
 Nick put in these colorful lights above the kitchen sink...really cute....Thank you Nico!

 It was a beautiful day...we took a very nice walk!

It was mild and just a light breeze...and still a little fog lingering!

They call this "Battle Rock"  better find out why....???? Battle Rock - read here...  

You can take your vehicle and drive right unto the beach....Nick wants to find an old dune buggy so we can go "Beachcombing!" 

We "scroungers love to hunt for rocks, shells, driftwood...and everything else that floats in from Japan too! 

 It looks like a ship to the right ...but it is the harbor where they do commercial fishing!  The boats are lifted right out of the water unto this harbor!

 Sandstone..along the cliff's~

Oktoberfest - Port Orford & Operation Christmas Child at our Church

When we first moved here...we opened up a bank account locally and they were selling tickets for the upcoming Oktoberfest here in town! It would be held at the local Community Center and given by the Rotary Club!  
They had some gift baskets to auction off....
Well of course we will buy some tickets to attend this!  

We had a good dinner....Bratwurst, and saurkraut, and red cabbage and delicious potatoes and a pretzel too! 
It was a fun gathering with the locals and we enjoyed meeting and making some acquaintances too...!  It was a good turn out!  Lots of friendly people...out for a Saturday evening in Port Orford! 

We invited our new friend "Mark" to join us!  Mark's last name is Koehn and if that isn't a Germany name like ours...well we just had to come to this with those last names .....Right?  You Betcha! 
"SAY Cheese" guys!

 Hey we made the local newspaper....yes there we are - can you find us in the picture...enjoying Oktoberfest in Port Orford!  


Operation Christmas Child...a wonderful outreach to children in foreign lands!

Franklin Graham ministries called Samaritan Purse does a wonderful outreach to children:
take a shoe box - filling it with goodies for a child...and then they will be collected and brought together to be sent to South Carolina and there crated in large boxes to be sent to so many different places all over the world!

I have been involved with this outreach for some years and to see the JOY of the children receiving them in Africa, Asia, such a blessing!

Shoe Box - see Link

                         I made a presentation board to display and encourage people to take a BOX!

                                   There's 150 boxes to fill...."Do you want one too to fill?"
We folded the boxes and stacked them up on the church podium! 

Nick did a box for a boy and I filled one for a girl!  So' Fun to do and the knowing someone will received it in China, Africa,

Oh gosh - just had to share with you....we got a knock on the door and our friend "Mark" gave us FRESH salmon just caught yesterday on the Coquille River...oh my goodness was that ever 
d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s  !!!! Like butter - so flaky and tender...
Now that couldn't be any fresher then that...out of the ocean and right unto our dinner plate!
We are Spoiled here in Port Orford! 

Sunday, October 18, 2015

A New Experience Living on the Coast!

When Nick & I returned to the US last year October from our trip - we did some shopping for our motor home...including this pillow that he picked out!  It was a map of a ocean and it had a "whale" fin on it and a light house!  Nico looked over at the couch here in the house...and there is the pillow...had we ever in our minds & hearts thought we would end up on the coast of Oregon where the whales come by and that the lighthouse just north of us would also be so close by?????

Amazing...truly Amazing! 

There is not a lot of Ellen's out there...but at the Super Walmart in Coos Bay I did meet another Ellen!  Well here's a picture of the 2 Ellen's!  I remember on a little island called Lombok in Indonesia I met an English gal there named Ellen....pretty neat huh? 

I found the picture is the other Ellen!  How fun is that! 
I don't know these pictures are so blurry....but still want to share them with you all!

Uncle Paul & sweet Janet came to visit us - when we were here just 3 weeks!  They were so excited to come see out litle cottage and took the 5 1/2 hour drive to do so from McMinnville north of us!  We enjoyed a game of the Dutch Shuffleboard game "sjoelbak" and yes Bill our brother in law too came...- what a blessing it was...he drove 7 1/2 hours from CA - Windsor up this way!  We enjoyed out visitors!
Everyone played a serious game of sjoel!  Trying hard to get them into the slots!  Oh how fun to play again after 2 yrs!

We had a great time! 
Uncle Paul & Janet brought me some geraniums from their garden! Sweet!
Bill & Nick went for a bike is great to ride here in Port quiet and so pretty everywhere!  They had fun together ...and Bill & Nick have known each other since they were 17 years that is a good friendship! 

It was my son's Jason's Birthday (we skyped!)  on October 4th, it was Bill's Birthday and he was with us...and it was also Frank's Birthday our brother in law down in CA and we sent him a we celebrated with some goodies!  

                   Happy Birthday Jas, Bill and Frank!

We have enjoyed some beautiful sights around our town of Port Orford!
Cape Blanco - just north of Port Orford

We stood on the edge of the cliff close by the lighthouse...and saw that rock down below...and wondered "should we..or shouldn't we???" 

 Well we did....down down down the cliff we went...and all the time I was thinking:

"What goes DOWN....must go UP!" 
 See the guy up there...yes it was quite a distance...but we did it...we got up there again....condition...condition...ugh!!!
  It was windy but so' refreshing!  Once you get hiking down....well you get REALLY hot going up! 

What Fun!

Bill, Nick & I made it back to the car...and we were huffing and puffing!  
Quite a large rock sticking out!

There is a "Floras Lake" here close by were people can paddle board, wind sail or said...really nice!  Glad to know of these places!

Floras Lake Windsurfing - Paddle Board
              Nick enjoys sitting by the window in the morning - pretty relaxed wouldn't you say? 
Sweet cards from family & friends!