Wednesday, February 17, 2016

A New Toy! "Good ole' Craigslist!"

 Wow - we found two kayak's on Craigslist and they were just perfect for us!

So Ellen did her "maiden voyage" the very next day....and yes it was a "foggy day" but the water was ever so smooth on the Lake!
We launched from our yard

 I paddled for 2 hours completely around the perimeter of Garrison Lake!  So fun to be back in a come & visit us!!! 

 In the background is the ocean...but too hazy to see...but I did go up to the dunes...and got out and walked to the beach....yep Nick & I are spoiled! 

We agree!  Thanking the Lord....ALL the time!

Here are some pictures I found off the internet....

From the beach you see the lake just behind the dunes!

From this picture our house is on the far left wing of the lake

Motor home....!

 We are Thrilled...The motor home is SOLD!

Yes, it has been listed on "Craigslist" for a few months...and we received a call from "Frank & Cindy" who wanted to come and see it!

They wanted to do a bit more traveling and see more of the US!

Frank & Cindy came, and took it for a drive, and decided "was the right one for them!"  They were delighted and so were we!

Frank & Cindy have owned several other motor homes/trailers before,  so they were very familiar with the workings of it! 

They came back on Sunday happened!  
 "The Whale" has been a pleasure to own and Nick & I have had a wonderful year living in it!  

But it was time...time for a new owner!!!

          Off it goes......!!!

Almost turning the corner.....
 Good-bye "Whale" we so' enjoyed the year of traveling the road....but it was time!!!

Wow....Look at the BIG!
 OK...."on to the next adventure....!" 
We are thankful!  

Maralin -My sister came to Vist Us!

 Maralin came to visit us and see our house & little town on the Oregon coast! 
Oh how she loved the beach.....taking pictures and looking for "Treasures!"

 Mar couldn't believe we were so close to the ocean! 

We spent 3 hours wandering, nosing for "agates" on Agate Beach and looking for driftwood to take back to Bend!

 She wanted to take this piece home with her too...but it was larger then her CAR!  Ha!

No Way Sis! 
Nice picture Maralin!


 So' Fun to be Together!

It was a relaxing visit and we enjoyed playing some games,  made her "Zuurkol met worst" 
(Sauerkraut with Bratwurst)
a real Dutch meal...for sure!   Popcorn & a hearty breakfast to start the day!  

 The Three of us went to a small airport outside of Port Orford.  Maralin wanted to see the runway and decide if she could fly to us next time.......

.......and YES! The runway was great - she said! 

Instead of a 5 1/2 hour drive in the car it will most likely be only 1 1/2 hours with her 4 seater plane!

Then we drove to Bandon (see Link!)

Bandon Oregon

See "Live" Coast Webcam 

Maralin found a walking stick in a very cute Gallery!
The ladies were so helpful and friendly!  

Then we enjoyed some "Fish & Chips" and strolled through some shops.....and who did we see.....
Hans Beernink Jr.....with his friend Chris from Bend also visiting on the coast!  My what a surprise to see him there!   So we quickly took a picture to send to Hans & Maria (his parents our friends!) 
             "Look Hans & Maria...who we met in Bandon????" 

Brookings, Oregon

 We were driving through Brookings (southern part of Oregon almost to the Californian border!) and we spotted a whole field of Elk!

They were grazing along the Hwy 101 in a open meadow..many people stopped to see them!
 Interesting Read.......Elk
 Gosh is was so impressive to see them...they were really BIG!

I have never seen so many together before...have you?