Saturday, January 9, 2016

A New Year 2016....Happy New Year to you!

 Happy New Year Everyone! 
2016 here we are!

 A New Port Orford...what will it bring?
We have had some rainy days here on the coast (they say December is the rainiest!) ....RAIN...and THEN.....Sunshine! and Wow....Nick & I head for the beach again...nice!

The weather thus far has been very mild...around 40-50F degrees here!  That has been fine with us!  No complaints!

We enjoy the beach which is just a 15 min walk from our house...because we have to walk along the Lake that borders our property to get to the beach! 

 Yes ....that is where you will find Ellen & Nick!

It's is a lovely walk from our house...walking down a very pretty street!
 Lots of smaller homes / some are vacation homes and others are owner occupied.

 We really love to scrounge around to see what the tide has brought us!

It seems Nick & I are always looking for drift wood...interesting looking pieces!  Nick is collecting smaller pieces too because he wants to use them to make birdhouses!  A little business on the "side?"

                  We enjoy looking for agates that are washed up onto the beach "Agate Beach" ..they are translucent!

We walk about 2@3 miles...from our house to the beach, then along the beach to this view point called Paradise Point...and then back to our house...a nice healthy walk!

Improvements at the House.....



 So' very happy with the the brightness!

Nick did a good "handy" man!
Read what Nick wrote....ha!

It is a Joy to wake up in the morning and look out onto Garrison Lake...what a treat it is!  We watch people fishing & kayaking, paddle boarding....we hope to pick up some kayak's soon and join them! 

The dining area cabinets is our next project that needs to be painted...step by step!  It's on the "honeydolist! 
We will add some cabinets on the top & book shelves!

Looking out to the front of the house-
 A small cozy "gezellig" house with still a 2 car garage (one will be Nick's shop-of course!)

This Spring, Nick will start on the deck!  

 There in the distance from our backyard is the coast line & dunes. 

(our neighbors have chickens....fresh eggs anyone?)
Hallway to bedrooms & front door-

We are excited to see what the Lord has planned for us this coming New on the coast of Oregon!
Oh yes...this week we drove down to Brookings (60 min south) and found out we are just an hour from the Californian border! 
Well    "I'll      be!