Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Clean-up Down by the Lake!

 Now that we have purchased two kayak's, I was excited to make a pathway to the lake in our backyard!
Walking down to the lake.....

I worked hard that afternoon, clearing, cutting and sawing the logs to make a pathway!

     Muscle Ellen -ha!

I enjoy working outside, and doing a bit of physical labor!

We still can't believe we have this Lake to look at and enjoy everyday!

Now that it is cleared and we have a pathway, I can't wait to take the kayak down and put-in!

There in the distance you can see the ocean & the dunes too!

Once I get into the water (need some rubber boots!) I will clear away that dead tree in there...
                    From the lake side looking back to the house....

As you can see the house is not big...but it sure is cozy!

At the end of March - I will be going to Holland for a few be present with the birth
of my grandson!!!!  March 29th!!! 


Nick plans to build a deck right outside the 3 windows!

That will be really nice for this coming summer!  

Do you see the small window?
He plans to take out the window and replace it with a door from the dining that we can come out onto the deck from the dining/living area instead of going through the garage area!

Nick is working on putting lots of shelving in the one Bay of the garage, for his tools and so little by little we are getting more & more situated these 5 months we have been here!  Shelving in the pantry, and extra shelving in the clothes closet...all in all "man" takes care of making this house more a home!

We are thankful!

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