Monday, March 14, 2016

Delivery of New Gravel for the Driveway!

 Now with our motor home off the driveway...we were now able to deal with the driveway!

There was a lot of low-points on it - which caused lots of puddles of water...AND living here on the coast brings with it much more rain then elsewhere!

So Nick & I got busy evening out the driveway!

 A Gravel truck was on the way this morning ....bringing us 1 load of gravel!

 "Nick, I hear the it is!"

               It was a BIG truck!

He backed up to the garage entry and then
slowly but surely the gravel came out......

Oh seems like a whole lot of gravel!!!

 Bill, Nick's brother in law had come up from California for a visit, and together they got busy out there...raking it out!  

                    Go Bill!

 Twice the truck drove up towards the garage and opened the bin....and then it was finished!


The truck left & the work began!

We have been working on it for a week now...getting it all spread out evenly!

 Looking good - almost there! 


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