Monday, March 14, 2016

Polly's Visit!

 Polly my girlfriend came to visit us from Bend, Oregon!

It's a 5 1/2 drive to get here and she made really good timing!  Thankfully no snow on the Diamond Lake pass...although there was some weather conditions!

 First chance we had, Polly & I enjoyed a nice walk together to the beach!

I love this walk to the beach & it was fun to share it with her!
 Pretty Cool Picture Polly!  

It was a windy day!  We were blown away by wind, it was a very strong wind & the sand too was flying!

 A relaxing evening with dinner and then later we played some games together!

Of course we played Mexican Train too!

 On Sunday after church we took Polly for a ride to show her the cute little town of Bandon!

Read up on Bandon!

See "Live" Webcan of the ocean!

YouTube - Clip on Bandon!

It began to rain, so we were only able to go to a few shops....pretty hefty rain!

Well we spoiled ourselves with a nice warm dish of Salmon soup 
and an order of Fish & Chips!  

Thanks Polly, for coming to visit us!  It was fun to share our "new home & town with you!"  
See you back maybe this Summer!

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